Monday, January 21, 2008

Freaky Armadillos Need Love Too

Beeboo and I are staying in a double wide mobile home on the farm where I am working. I know, insert trailer trash jokes here. Anyway, there are a plethora of armadillos on the farm here. Apparently a number of them have burrowed under the mobile home, I can hear them under there, their little shells keep banging into the floor. The first couple of nights (they seem to be nocturnal) Beeboo was beside himself growling and barking at the floor.

According to Wikipedia the nine banded armadillo is a solitary creature that does not share its burrow with others. I can only infer from this that I am lucky enough to be here during armadillo mating season, because there is definitely more than one armadillo under there. Also according to Wiki, "The North American Nine-banded Armadillo tends to jump straight in the air when surprised. " Judging from the thumping going on down there tonight, there are some SURPRISES occurring in the freaky armadillo boudoir.


John I said...

"Freaky Armadillo Boudoir" THAT is the name of the next Jennifers record. It will be a sort of Hip hop/Texas swing/Serge Gainsborough kinda groove thing.

Amy said...

This fails to shock me. Your mere presence is an aphrodisiac that knows no genus!
You should really play some Barry White for them.